Pilot site visits in Lamington National Park!

12 Nov 2018

Sometimes on fieldwork you just have to visit stunningly beautiful places... (and sometimes the road is so eroded that your car won't make it down the track!).

Yesterday, Thais and I, and QPWS Senior Conservation Officer Harry Hines (and a few others) ventured to the highlands of the Lamington NP plateau to investigate some potential field sites for Thais' PhD occupancy survey frog disease research.

We found some stunning creeks, and spent some time looking for tadpoles and egg clutches...

We found lots of tadpoles from many different species...

We even accidentally snapped a selfie while trying to photograph the tadpoles (I'm calling this a 'tadpole's-eye-view)! :)

A highlight of the trip was a visit to look for tadpoles at the edge of Dingbing falls...

And the magnificent view over the infinity pool... :)






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I'm a Lecturer and Research Fellow at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. I have a background in ecology, epidemiology & veterinary science. I'm passionate about wildlife conservation, quantitative modelling, and population & disease ecology. 

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