About Me

I completed my Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Bachelor of Science (Veterinary) degrees at The University of Sydney. My BSc(Vet) involved research into the ecology and health of brushtail possums in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.


I undertook my PhD degree at James Cook University (Townsville), in collaboration with Taronga Zoo Conservation Society and the Queensland Institute of Medical Research Berghofer. My PhD focused on the immunology and epidemiology of chytridiomycosis in Australian frogs. 

I have just commenced an exciting new 3 year project on amphibian chytridiomycosis (ARC Discovery Project DP180101415: "A novel modelling approach for understanding wildlife disease dynamics"). 

This project aims to develop a novel framework for field wildlife disease systems, applied to chytrid fungal infection of an endangered frog species as a case study. The project expects to develop models able to be applied to many disease systems, improve understanding of host resistance and tolerance to infection, and improve capacity for mitigation of emerging infectious diseases. This work should have international impact and provide significant national benefits in ensuring the conservation of Australia’s biodiversity.

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