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Co-Principal Supervisor

  • Thais Sasso Lopes (PhD candidate): "Bringing together ecology and mathematical modelling to understand the recovery of amphibian populations following declines caused by the amphibian chytrid fungus"

  • Matthew Mangan (PhD candidate): "Characterizing the genetic and demographic factors responsible for varying chytridiomycosis susceptibility across amphibian species, populations and life stages"

  • Kate Tunstill (Honours candidate): "The effect of firefighting chemicals on frog health"


  • Matthijs Hollanders (PhD candidate, Southern Cross University): "Understanding chytridiomycosis: Field testing next-gen epidemiological models in an Endangered Australian frog"

  • Josie Humphries (PhD candidate, Southern Cross University): "Assessing the resistance of Fleay’s barred frog (Mixophyes fleayi) to chytridiomycosis using immune and transcriptomic analyses"


Litoria rheocola 03c final hi res.png
z Frog 2 Alpina 01c.png
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