Peer-reviewed scientific journal articles
  • Martin, L. B., Addison, B., Bean, A. G. D., Buchanan, K. L., Crino, O. L., Eastwood, J. R., Flies, A. S., Hamede, R., Hill, G. E., Klaassen, M., Koch, R. E., Martens, J. M., Napolitano, C., Narayan, E. J., Peacock, L., Peel, A. J., Peters, A., Raven, N., Risely, A., Roast, M. J., Rollins, L. A., Ruiz-Aravena, M., Selechnik, D., Stokes, H. S., Ujvari, B., Grogan, L. F. (accepted 14 Dec, 2018) Extreme competence: keystone hosts of infections. Trends in Ecology and Evolution (IF 15.938) (link). ​

  • Claytor, S. C., Gummer, J., Grogan L., Skerratt, L., Webb, R., Brannelly, L., Berger, L., Roberts, A. (Early view) Susceptibility of frogs to chytridiomycosis correlates with increased levels of immunomodulatory serotonin in the skin. Cellular Microbiology (link) (IF 4.410).

  • Brannelly, L. A., Scheele, B. C., Grogan, L. F. (in press) Disease and the endangered alpine tree frog: bridging research, conservation and management. Book chapter in Strategies for Conservation Success in Herpetology

  • Kerlin, D. H., Grogan, L. F., McCallum, H. I. (in review) Seasonal dynamics in records of koalas arriving to care facilities with signs of disease in Southeast Queensland. Wildlife Research.​

  • Grogan, L. F., Robert, J., Berger, L., Skerratt, L. F., Scheele, B. C., Castley, J. G., Newell, D. A., McCallum, H. I. (2018) Review of the amphibian immune response to chytridiomycosis, and future directions. Frontiers in Immunology, 9:2536, (link) (IF 5.511).








Other publications or outputs

Recent professional presentations & seminars
  • Grogan, L. F. (23 April, 2018) Frog chytrid fungus & host competence. Invited presentation at the Deakin Host Competence workshop, Geelong campus, Deakin University, Victoria. 

  • Grogan, L. F., Kerlin, D., Peel, A. J., Ellis, W., Hero, J.-M., Jones, D., McCallum, H. (20 June, 2017) Risk posed by disease to koalas? Seminar to the Koala Expert Panel of the Koala Research Grants Program (Department of Environment and Heritage Protection) concerning our research progress and outputs, 400 George St, Brisbane, QLD, 4000.  

  • Grogan, L. F., Kerlin, D., Peel, A. J., Ellis, W., Hero, J.-M., Jones, D., McCallum, H. (28 April, 2017) Is chlamydiosis causing koala declines? Lunchbox Seminar to the Environmental Futures Research Institute and Griffith School of Environment, Griffith University, Gold Coast campus. 

  • Grogan, L. F., Kerlin, D., Ellis, W., Hero, J.-M., Jones, D., McCallum, H. (28 November, 2016) Challenges, biases, and future directions in koala chlamydial disease research. 2016 Wildlife Disease Association Australasian Section Annual Conference, Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand. 

  • Grogan, L. F. (4 October, 2016) Careers in Science - A personal perspective. A seminar presented to year 11 Biology students at Cavendish Road State High School in Holland Park, QLD. 


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